G.F.T.E.D stands for Guns For Toys Earnest Design and was initially founded by two artists as an art label. The constant evolution of the brand has finally come to encompassing 3 elements reflective upon their everyday lifestyles which are: Apparel (fashion), Art and Events. These 3 elements have always tied in to the next one as a compatible trinity.

Presently, Gfted is a label that embodies the outlook, lifestyles and moralities that the founding directors live and breathe on a daily basis. Guns for toys, represents a perspective on life that galvanizes the fact that there is always a peaceful solution. The evolution of that into Gfted is a play on words that relates to the vibe and overall feeling, portrayed by the level of art and apparel i.e. being an individual that is “gifted”. All aspects of the business whether it be art, apparel or events, convey a sense of positivity and culture.
Differentiating from other street brands that commercialize the “alpha” male, egoism and violence, Gfted projects chivalry, social consciousness, culture and the fact that it’s ok to be a nerd or the underdog. Pertaining to apparel, the sense of appreciating quality over quantity reflects on the way that “cookie cutting” or the vibe of mass production is not endorsed.

The Gfted flagship store has been closed for the time being, so the only way to purchase Gfted goods is online for now.. Gfted Bootleg Boutique coming to a town near you.

When people play we work.. when people work we work harder.. when people sleep we dream.